SL-202 therapy laser apparatus

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The Soft Laser , model 202 is a heart of therapy system , not limited to physio therapy;

being combined with variety of special fiber - optical and laser lightguide sets it comes to everyday practice in most of clinical departments. It is equipped with CW laser (modulation from 1 Hz to 9.9. kHz), build in timer, optical power monitoring system, and calibration.

Optionally, the SL-202 can be pre- set for operation at Norgier and Bahr frequencies.

Set of delivery :

Laser module with retractable lens

Microprocessor control unit

Connector for light guides (tips)

User's Manual

Packing and carrying case.

Optionally, the customer can order special inra-cavity light guides and light dissipating tips.

Laser class                     IIIB

Emission wavelength , micrometers     0.81 - 0.89

Output power, mW  1.0 - 100.0

Output beam diameter at the output , mm 2.0

Timer range , min  1/60 - 99

Power supply, W/Hz             220/50

Power consumption, W  40

Weight, not over, kg     2.5

Laser therapy in Dentistry ;  ENT ; Urology ; Gynecology; Rehabilitation ; Dermatology ; Cosmetology; Pediatrics; acupuncture.