Photonics laser - vacuum massage complex

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Photonix is a joint product of cosmetology practitians and electronic engineers:  it combines 2 different lasers, 3 kinds of LED's plus variable negative pressure (vacuum), in 8 working programs. It is not just a massage device or laser therapy device, it is a superposition of many physical factors.

Microscopy - grade glass optics of laser pen;

Long lasting professional vacuum pump;

Grease cut- off capacity included in vacuum path makes cleaning of skin very easy;

EXW cost of basic set is about 1100 Euro.

LED wavelengths- 460; 550 ; 650 nm

Laser pen output power, mW - 100

Laser in vacuum manipula output power mW - 300

Number of pre- set programs - 8

Connector to attach vacuum cups for face and neck - thread lock;

Number of switched vacuum channels - 2

Type of vacuum pump - piston type, all metal parts.

Power supply - 220 V; 50 Hz


Ant- Cellulite; Anti edema massage; Lymph drainage; Slimming; Rehabilitation after intensive sports; Improvement of tissue trophycity, Muscle tone up-grade, and some other.