Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT)

Laser therapy is a physio-medical procedure based on the interaction of coherent laser beam (light with special qualities) at the tissues and organs of the patient.  Methods of LLLT applications are developed and used in medical practice for decades. It almost do not have contra- indications.

Main LLLT effects are:

Infrared rays generated by the laser with wavelength of  780 - 850 nm and the thermal radiation can go into the skin by 3 - 5 cm, to be absorbed by local tissues,

This does not cause local skin temperature rise, but leads to  accelerated blood circulation, enhanced supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells, quickened carry-away of metabolites, strengthened absorption and dissipation of exudates.

This will effectively enhance the immunologic function and improve the tissues at the focus, relieve inflammation and swelling.The far infrared thermal effect can also relieve and reduce the exciteability of nerve endings,so that the pain sense arising from oppression of nerve endings by the swelling will disappear naturally with the elimination of the swelling.

Objective (instrumentally mesurable) effects of LLLT are also improving rehology of blood,  faster proliferation of cells due to stimulated ATF production, and some other factors.

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT)