PRIMALACT - colostrum defreezer

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PRIMALAKT collostrum defreezer is used for gentle preparation of collostrum after cryo-storage. The device has a rocking holder for 6 bottls, water bath with circulation and digital temperature/time control. 

  • water circulation for uniformity of temperature field
  • stainless steel water bath with stainless steel cover
  •  oscillating holder for 6 bottles with colostrum
  • six liters capacity in one de-freezing process
  • digital controller of temperature and time
  • lowest cost at the market.

1. Overal size, mm, not over - 670х620х270

2. Power supply, V - 220

3. Preparation to operation time, not over, min. - 25

4. Defreeze cycle duriation, not over, min.. - 55

5. De-freezed volume of colostrum per one cycle, lt - 6

Colostrum, or the primary milk after delivery of the calf has paramount importance for future growth and helth of animal. Usually the cow gives this in ecsessive volume, and the collostrum can be stored in a friege for future use. Actually, this is a natural immunity stimulator.  PRIMALAKT is designed to de-freeze the colostrum in a recommended gentle way, so that immunoglobuline will not reduce its activity.  

The device can be used as oscillation bath, for digestion, gentle mixing, fermentation, hybridization, with optionally ordered holders for Your labware.