UV- lamp for luminescent diagnostics in veterinary

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All light from UV LED's is filtered by black "Wood's" glass filters, for getting best available contrast. Luminescence is observed through a 2.5 X glass lens, that serves as a safety cut-off filter, to protect the eyes. Electronics is designed to protect the UV sources ( High- Power GaN - GaAlN diodes) from any peaks in power supply or electrostatic shocks. This garantee their long- lasting life , over 10 000 hours.

  • Robust design and "smart optics" in respect of spectral selectivity needed to get best picture;
  • Full metal construction for long lasting;
  • Glass spectral- selective filters
  • Glass magnification by build- in lens.
  • Aluminum heat sink for optimal temperature of LED's

Peak UV emission wavelength, nm365
Power supply, V\Hz220\50
Overal size, mm310x135x40
Weight, not over , kg1.0
Magnification of lens, Fold2.5

Exhitation and observation of luminescence at most used applications, such as dermatology, forscenic science, veterinary, diagnostics of skin in cosmetology, etc.

For observation of the same object in visible light, there are two white LED's been built-in the LED cluster.

The "Dome" design of round head of device serves as a hood to form a shadow at the object, making it possible to perform in effective manner under ambient light.