Homogenizer for unversal labware use "GL-P 10 000"

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Grooved cap of the vessel allows the user to go mixing with different labware. Main limitation is max. diameter and depth. The tsang holder of the shaft (patent pending) makes possible the adjustment of head with knifes to different depth. Interchangable knife (emulsification disk included in the set of delivery). The device motor is controlled by RPM scale and a timer.

1. Maximum RPM: 10 000; 

2. Motor power, W:  450; 

3. Range of pre- setting the timer 10 s- 10 min. 

4. Working capacity - any  with cylindrical shapel; 

4.1 Diameter of vessel within, range, mm: 80 - 110

4.2 Depth of vessel, within, range, mm: 60- 150

5. Maximal sample volume , ml: 200 . 

6. Power supply 220V/50Hz. 

7. Overal size: 620х285х270 mm. 

8. Weight, not over : 8,5 kg.

Preparation (homogenising) of complex and multy- phase media for analysis, based on representative sampling principle.