STATUS laboratory table top pH meter

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Преобразователь рН-метрический "Статус" лабораторный со ст/титрами - compact and veratile laboratory ool for everyday work. I measures hydregen ion activity (pH) , electromotive force of electrode systems ; redox; temperature of the measured sample. 

• Microprocessor controlled circuits, big two line high contrast monochrome display;

•  Power- Independent memory for 3 electrode systems:.

• Semi- automatic calibration with keeping parameters of two buffer solutions;

• Short read- out time and accurate stable readings;.

• Manual or automatic thermal compensation;.

• High - Ohm input and compatibility with different electrode systems.

STATUS can ne optionally equipped with the folllowing combined electrodes:

EK-01 Combined electrode for milk and liquids

EK-02 Combined electrode for measurement of cheese

EK-03 Combined electrode for measurements in meat carcasses

Device is registred in State Register of Russian Federation,

Reg. # 18935-10. 

Measurement modes:                      EMF,  mV;  рН, units . рН,

Measurement range:                       -1500 - +2000 ;     0 - 20

Minor units at display                         - 0,1;              0,01

Max. error                                             +1;              +0.02

Thermal compensation range, С          0             -100

Weigh   , kg                                           1,5

Overal size, mm                                     228x216x76