Luminoscope FILIN HD

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FILIN HD is a luminoscope used for express visual control of luminescense. Based on the color of luminescent light, the quality of agricultural products (oils, fats, meat, fish, milk and diary products, vegetables and grain) can be preliminary checked-up. The visual determination is not quantative, but qualitive, but its aim is to select products with falsifying additives, or initial signs of spoiling.

The FILIN HD is equipped with high definition camera and display, thus it is not nesessary to observe the picture in UV by naked eye, and also give possibility for  storage of images becomes possible.

Optionally, the device can be coupled with the industrial PC, for processing the images, sharing them or archivation (storage). The computer also has a WiFi interface for easier wireless integration in the laboratory network, and in the WEB.

Exitation wavelength, nm: 365

Power of UV light, W, not less: 27

Power supply 220V 50 Hz

Weight, not over, kg:  9.6

Overal size, mm 320х250х280.

Air ventilation of the inner space of UV cabinet;

Digital visualisation;

Screen type: IPS LCD, touch sensible,

Screen size , diagonal 12.1”,

Image resolution , pix.: 1920x1080

Area of applications:

• Oils and fat - check up of vegetable oil purity; determination of adding of margarine or other unwanted fats in the butter;

• Meat: determination of freshness of beef; detection of minor additives (liver, tendons, skin) in minced meat;

• Fish: determination of fish freshness and initial manifestations of spoiling;  

• Milk and diary : eveluation of milk quality and milk poducts additives like palm butter;  

• Potatos and vegetables: determination of phytoftora , selecting of freezed vegetables; determination of fruit freshness (initial signs of spoiling);  

• Vines: detection of falsification of red grape wines by fruit- and berry wines;   

• Fluor and grain:  determination of quality and type (breed) of grain;

• Bread and bakery: determination of "potato maligance" of bread.