Marsik - autonomic laser "shower"

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Autonomic laser shower MARSIK emits at 650 nm, and was designed for laser therapy of small companion animals and agricultural animals. 

The device demonstrate effective reduction of pain (analgetic effect), increase the regeneration of soft tissues , growth of osteoblasts after bone fracture; normalise local and humoral immunity; stimulates cell metabolism and microcirculation of cappilary in and around injury; raise natural resistency of organism.

Simplicity of its usage (just one control knob) , and multy- point distribution of llaser light pattern allow to get the needed dosage within short time , without risk of over-doze. This makes Marsik a very convenient and safe therapy tool , for use by animal owners without visiting the clinic.

Laser modules are mounted in elastic rubber tips, and covered by glass caps (can be removed for washing and steam sterilized). This form factor allows to deliver the laser beam to animal's body through the fur. 

Lasing wavelength , nm - 650

Number of laser modules, pc. - 9

Total lasers power , mW - 45

Recommended duration of procedure, min . - 10

Power supply - build in LiPo battery

Power battery recharge through  wall plug adaptor -220 V/50Hz

Weight , not over, gramm - 200

LLLT in Veterinary

Glass caps can be easily removed from laser apertures, and sterilised by all kinds of treatments