Vacuum Aspirator for biology

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Device is used for controlled aspiration of various biological liquids, during laboratory work. The aspirator has five- liters capacity for waste, with non - contact optical sensor and microprocessor control of vaccum level. Special handle with detachable tips is connected with the main unit by medical- grade silicone, and can be easily dis-assembled for cleaning and disinfection.  Disk anti - bacterial filter at the air outlet prevents contamination of lab room air. 

The DC motor driven pump is of two - piston type, made from metal parts only.

Knob for suction control is placed at the handle.

Metal tips and adaptors for disposable pipette tips are fixed at the handle by a thread.

Digital indication of vacuum with lot of optional tuning of suction parameters.

Max negative pressure :                                             ≥ 0.075Pa

Evacuation productivity (water at 20C) :                 ≥ 1,5L/min

Noise level:                                                                    ≤ 65 дБ (A)

Power supply :                                                            AC 230V/50Hz, 

Consumed power:                                                    90VA

Weight :                                                                        4,4 kg  

Waste capacity:                                                         5000ml

Overal size, mm:                                                         345 * 260 * 285.