Digital microscope "CYCLOPE 304"

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The CYCLOPE-304 microscope displays biological objects examined in the transparent light. Wide range of magnifications makes the device quite a versatile tool. But its applications to control semen before the A.I. procedure really saves a lot of time and funds. Images can be saved to computer or to the micro-SD memory card. Thermally controlled object table with digital sensorics render best conditions to the sample under observation.

Build- in thermally controlled table. Special infrared illumination in order not to make shock to ovum by too bright light.

  • Minimal magnification, not over - 10
  • Maximum magnification, not less -200
  • Screen , inches, not less 12
  • Display resolution, pixels, not less 1280 х 1024
  • Camera resolution, pixels 1920 х 1080
  • Data transmission interface HDMI
  • Maximal height of transparent object, mm 18
  • Image Recording possibility;
  • Tuning of illumination power
  • Power supply, V/Hz 220/50
  • Power consumption, W 50
  • Overal size, mm 300x400x560
  • Weight, not over, kg 10

Control of de-freezing quality and dilution of semen before A.I. Saving expenses for the genetic material.