Inverted Microscope with low table and FULL HD camera " Cyclope"

Product rating:

Inverted optical scheme;  High non transparent objects can be observed, the input aperture is build - in the object table.

All optics is well protected from dust, being constructed inside very flat (80 mm basement). The researcher can  use 3 modes of light on object: reflected direct; small angle reflected; transmitted direct and transmitted from source. at 45 degree angle; 

Optional UV illumination system (ring UV with 365 filterd black light) can be supplied.

Zoom and focus adjustment are driven by step motors; 

Images can be stored onto micro- SD card;

Perfect tool for educational purposes, and obtaining images for scientific articles;

Control- by wire function;

Big size Al object table , can be optionally equipped with micro- manpulators or X-Y moving table.

• Digital camera  (FULL HD) 1080х1920 р.;

• Optical  Zoom range  20 to 200 fold (geometric magnification);

• High resolution of image;

• No noticeable distortion;

• 4 - modes of LED illumination ;

• Variable illumination intensity;

• Monitor with not interlace screen ( 22 inch);

• Big object table;

• Possibility to work with Petri dishes, vials, glass slides; compressorium glass (6 mm thick), and big size non transparent objects.

Inverted type of microscope: the lens is below the object table. Designed for observation of magnifyed non-transparent, seni- transparent and low - contrast micro- objects in forcenic science, microelectronics, telemedicine, biology, minerals research, and some other fields of knowledge. The optical zoom stretch from 20X to 200X, and digital magnification can extend this range to 600X.