Negatoscope for fish parasitology

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Visual detection of parasites larvae in fish is a routine study for veterinary inspector. Methods are quite simple : observation of thin (up to 30 mm) fish fillet in transparent light.

This robust and dependable, water- proof negatoscope was designed with uniform white LED panel build in the tempered glass structure.

Dimmable white LED panel under 4 mm tempered glass.

Illuminted zone size:                    300x600 mm

Power consumption,  not over:  22 W

Overal size:                               600 x 800 mm

Frame cross section                 30 x 30 mm

Weight , not over,                            12 kg

Fish parasitology; Fish fillet safety testing in veterinary control lab or at fish factory.

This appliance can be ordered with metal fixture -on-wheels basement.