Portable water bath "BANKA"

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Cylindric - shaped stainless steel water bath with 1000 ml capacity. Holder for labware included. The device has manual adjustment of temperature. The same device can be used as Dewar, for freezing samples in liquid nitrogen, for cryo-conaervation (storage) or before slicing on the microtome.

Can be optionally ordered with Peltier- cooled bottom, for cooling 25 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

Water volume 1000 ml

Temperature range (heating); ambient temperature + 10 C - to +95C

Accuracy of keeping the temperature +\- 1 C

Consumed Power 200 W

Time to set-up at the pre- set temperature, not over 30 min.

Weigt 2 kg

Dimentions 160x160x400 mm

Constant - temperature water bath with thermally insulated lid, for keeping samples in different labware at constant temperature/or defreezing.