Shaking water bath Sinus-3

Product rating:

Bath basin and all inner parts made of stainless steel;

Digital controller in a splash- proof design;

Alpha- numeric display for indication of pre- set\real time parameters;

Build - in circulation pump for faster heat- up and better uniformity of temperature field;

Audible and visible indication: of end of working cycle, low water alarm and malfunction;

Main parameters output to PC by  RS-232 protocol; 

Transparent lid of the bath, allowing to observe the processes inside;

Minimal water level safety sensor and alarms;

Soft start of the shaker move;

Four labware holders in the set of delivery, 50 tubes each;

Possibility of ordering optional labware holders.

  • Temperature stabilization range (°С):  ambient+5 to +99
  • Temperature tuning accuracy (°С), not over  ±0,5
  • Temperature distribution uniformity along the bath (°С), not over ±1,0
  • Warm-up time of  22 lt of tab water  from  +15ºС to +40º (min), not over 30
  • Range of timer, (min:) 1 — 999
  • Move of inner hoder shakes, (mm) up to  20
  • Shakes (strokes) per minuite 20-200
  • Weight of bath without water (kg), not over 22
  • Inner size of bath, (mm) 500х300х180
  • Overal size of bath (mm) 710х350х260
  • Maximum consumed electric power (W), not over 2300
  • Maximal water volume (lt) 25
  • Power supply  (V) 220±10%
  • Weight , not over 20 kg

For constant temperature process organized with shaking of labware in clinical, experimental, research, educational and other labs. 

Various labware holders can be produced as a customer's order.