Mobi-Term autonomic semen defreezer

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Biologic thermostatic defreezer 'Mobi-Term" is designed for gentle semen preparation for A.I. of farm animals. 

Long- lasting battery supports up to 5 hours of keeping pre-set temperature in the device vessels;  defreezing can be performed in field conditions, 2 strains at once. MobiTerm has indication for  "Heating"; "Charge"; "Ready".  The device can be charged from wall power 220 V AC (adaptor) and  the 12 V  DC car  lighter socket. 

1. Pre-set temperature , ºС: 39.

2. Accuracy of stabilisation, ºС: ±0,2.

3. Power supply, V: 12 (car power), 220 V/50 Hz (adaptor).

4. Consumed power, W, not over, 15

5. Overal size, mm, not over: 200х110х55

6. Weight, not over: 1.2 kg

7.Time of heat- up from  +20ºС  to operation temperature, min, not over: 10.

8. Build in battery 8 A*h