Steak - projectional trichinoscope

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Projectional trihinoscope Steak  is developed for  control of trichinellasis in slaghter meat and game meat. and other microscopic examinations as well. The Illumination is performed by hi- poert LED via special condensor , that makes it  possible to work with dense slides, and independent from other light sources.

STEAK- 2 differs from basic model by two magnification coefficients; it has a sector turret with 45X and 80X lenses.

 Trichinoscope is equipped with flat projection screen that has 160 mm diagonal. 

Steak-can be used in - house at laboratory rooms, and in mobile labs as well. Users are meat plants, marketplace labs; food control authorities, slaughter houses, etc.

Method of control is: examination of meat samples in compressorium. 

This trichinoscope differs from the foreign analoges by inverted optical scheme, allowing to observe the larvae in the pool, after digestion method (magnetic stirrere method). It is also compact, light- weight device using hi-power ultrabright LED as a light source. 

Magnification, fold:  - 45 and 80 X (STEAK-2 model)

Screen size (diagonal in mm) - 140

Number of compressoriums in the set of delivery  - 2pc. 

Power supply: 220 V 50 Hz or 12 V DC 

Consumed  electric power, W - 10

Overal size, mm - 200x300x420

Weight of the device , kg - 6

For STEAK model, magnification is 45X (one lens)