Liflyandskaya 6 D; office 410; St.Petersburg, 190020, Russia

Table top convertible UV cabinet UFK-365


Dark room with two curtains at each hand entrance, that is designed to work with luminescence in normal office environment. Without darkening the room,

researcher or laboratory staff member can examine the welded joints, quality of surface after cleaning, gem stones, TLC (thin layer chromatography) plates, etc.

We are offering a 5 mP video camera ( with 0.01 Lux sensitivity threshold) , being  build in the cap of this UV cabinet, to make possible to fix the image, process it, store, print out or send to another colleage as a file. 


The upper part of the cabinet can be easily mounted over the examination table, to form an UV illumination system.

Several illuminators of this model can stack together to form a united UV panel.

No use of mercury lamps make it all environment - friendly.


Light source -                         48 LEDs

Power density  -                    120 W\m2 at 10 sm distance

UV light pattern (with 10% non uniformity of light density) - 150 x 300 mm.

Diffused visible light intensity -  not over 2 Lux

Power supply -                         9 V 3 A (wall socket power adaptor)

Lifetime (average) -                20 000 hours

Weight, not over 3.3 kg

Dimentions:                             540x330x240 mm


Cappilary non destructive testing, mineralogy, forsenic science, thin layer chromatography - this is not the full listing of UFK 365 applications.