Gastros 2 M - semi automatic helmintologic device

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Device for trichinella larvae extraction «GASTROS 2M» is similar device with GASTROS with one liter capacity. This model differs by higher productivity. GASTROS 2M is designed to examine meat samples for detection of trichinella larvae using technique of digestion in artificial gastric juice solution given by EU Directive 2075/2005. It is analog of the reference magnetic stirrer method. 

Device combines all stages of magnetic stirrer method in one vessel, minimizing the probability to loose the 

larvae and to give false negative result. Magnetic stirrer method is a reference method for examination of meat samples, according to the EU Directive 2075/2005 and its amendments.

  • automated control of all stages: assisted digestion at 42 C, sedimentation; filtration, etc.
  • audio and visible indication for all steps; 
  • minimized expenditures for reagents; 
  • stainless steel parts, mesh filter and vessels; 
  • fast warm-up time; 
  • countdown timer; 
  • interactive indicator of operation modes;
  • "hints" to operator.
  • duration, temperature , sedimentation phases can be programmed individually in the lab.

Max. productivity, (carcass per hour)                                         100

Minimal volume of gastric juice filled in reactor , sm3             1000

Maximal volume of gastric juice filled in reactor , sm3           2000

Power supply  (V\Hz)                                                                  220/50 

Weight , not over, kg.                                                                     11

Overal size, mm                                                                             570х250х250

Digestion and sedimentation of meat samples in artificial gastric juice, for trichinella larvae release, for further microscopic examination.