TSP-02 table for drying (heating) TLC plates

Product rating:

The heating of TLC plate before application of samples allow to minimize the edge- effects, obtain small size of drops and bars.

Digital control and indication, accuracy of keeping constant temperature is +\- 1 deg Celsius. Splash- protected control keys.

Maximal size of TLC plate up to 220 x 220 mm.
Temperature range set-up – from ambient temperature to 60 C Celsius
Time of heating from 20 to 50 C  not over 3 min
Indication of “Heating” and “Pre-set T keep” yes
Overall size 230x280x15 mm
Power supply – wall plug – in adaptor  19 V \3 A 
Consumed power not over 40 W

Pre- conditioning of TLC plate. Keeping the sorbent layer at higher temperatures leads to better separation of fractions, and increase the repeatability and resolution of TLC. The TCP-02 plate is also used for pre- activation of sorbent, and drying the samples after the process.