Trichinelloscope Steak-V var III with digital HD camera and LCD screen

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Steak-V var.III - trihinelloscope is based on zoom optical system , with digital HD camera and LCD screen was recently designed  for control of trichinellasis in slaghter meat and game meat. and other microscopic examinations. STEAK-V can be used as a multimedia device for educational purposes as well/  The Illumination is performed by uniformly lit LED panel  that makes it possible to work not only with compressor glases, but with larvae pools as well.

STEAK-  V var.III model  differs from other trichinoscopes by wide magnification range , possibility to record the images to SF card. 

STEAK-V can be supplied with build- in Industrial PC, having possibilities to capture, store, process , send images. The simple software allows to measure sizes, angles, distances at the observed object. This model name is VARIANT-4, or "STEAK-V, var-IV".

Device is used at laboratory rooms, and in mobile labs as well. Users are meat plants, marketplace labs; food control authorities, slaughter houses, etc. 

The  high definition camera and LED display allow to obtain sharp and contrast image. Smooth zoom function allows to  get full screen image of one compressorium chamber, or to whach parts of sample in detail.

  • Minimal magnification, not over -  10
  • Maximum magnification, not less -200
  • Screen , inches, not less  12
  • Display resolution, pixels, not less  1280 х 1024
  • Camera resolution, pixels  1920 х 1080
  • Data transmission interface  HDMI
  • Maximal height of transparent object, mm  18
  • Image Recording possibility; 
  • Tuning of illumination power
  • Power supply, V/Hz   220/50 
  • Power consumption, W  50
  • Overal size, mm  300x400x560
  • Weight, not over, kg  10

The device realize compressor method of meat control. The detection of trihinela larvae  in a pooled sample  by digestion method in artificial gastric juice is also possible.. For this purposes special cuvette can be included in the trihinoscope set-up, according to EU Directive 2075\2005.