Ultraviolet and white beam portable lamp VANGA-3

Product rating:

Powerful LED light source with pure UV peak at 365 nm.  Device is equipped with white LED light, for work in the dark environment.

Lamp is designed in a robust splash- proof case and powered with rechargeable LiPo battery.

Peak emission: 365 nm

Portion of visible light: less than 1%

Power:                 12W

Power density at 400 mm distance , not less than 9000 mW\m2

Number of LED's : 12

Power of white LED :   1W

Output aperture diameter: 95 mm

Overal size :       160 х 180 х 200 mm

Weight:                not over 1 kg.

Visualisation of Fluorecent dye  in methods of cappilary NDT

The fluorescence of magnetic particles pattern observation in magnetic powder NDT based on luminescent princilpes.