Thin layer chromatography cabinet TLC-254/365

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Thin layer chromatography cabinet TCX-254/365 is a table- top closed space dark room for viewing thin- layer chromatograms in UV light with 254 or 365 nm wavelengths.

Dimmable white light allows the user to make visualization of TLC plate in normal light and make marks of spots location inside the cabinet.

Observation is performed via flat bi-ocular with cut- off UV protection filter window.

The cost of the device is lowest even at Russian market, comparing with other producers.

365 nm UV - LEDs - 2 pc.,  5 W each;

254 nm UV LEDs - 2 pc;  5 W each;

Visible (dimmerable) LED's

Maximum size of thin layer chromatigraphy  plate, mm- 220 x 220

Power supply V/Hz - 220/50

Consumed power, not over, W  - 40

Overal size, not over, mm - 360х250х280

Weight , not over, kg - 5.5

Determination of chemical compounds; detection and identification of drugs, chemical substances, drugs, sweat trace, explosives and ink (list of applications is far more wast).