Wood's lamp Saphire-A

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Portable lamp SAPHIRE-A is an autonomic (rechargeable battery powered) light source with central UV line at 365 nm.  15 pc of UV LEDs are mounted in a circle around the central glass lens, that allow to protect the eyes of personnel working with the device. Each LED is 3 W electric power, 1.5 W of optical power output. For better UV quality (real "black light"), each light emitter is covered with black glass filter with high transparency of UV, and cut- off for visible light.

Spectral selection of UV by cut - off glass filters,

Possibility to work in non- dark ambient light, with special hood.

 Good contrast and uniformity of UV in the illuminated area,

High intensity of 365 nm light.

Special black fabric hood for dark "dome" formation.

  • Peak wavelength                    365 nm
  • Output power                            10 W
  • Flux at 100 mm distance        50000 mW \m2
  • Outer diameter                         120 mm
  • Diameter of central lens         60 mm
  • Number of UV LEDs                15 pc.
  • Time of operation with initially fresh battery  3 h
  • Power supply - 2 Li Ion batteries  2x3.7 V
  • Weight                                        0.7 kg
  • Material of shell                        Aluminum

Fluorecent dye visualisation in cappilary NDT and magnetic particles pattern observation in magnetic powder NDT based on luminescent princilpes.