47, Prospekt Stachek; 198097, St.Petersburg, Russia

SVL - laparoscopy table top appliance


The SVL is actually a fixture for the animal that makes laparoscopy manipulations more comfortable for the vet. Fixation at all intermediate angles, Trendelen-burg , and Anti-Trendelen-burg positioning of the patient are possible with this appliance.

Optionally, you can order an artroscopy extender and V0 shaped prostesis for enlarging  the mximum length of the patient,

see photo below.

All surfaces that contact with the animal are made of chemically neutral poly propylene. 


The appliance is mounted atop any of the tables (operation or observation) with free surface size 915 х 500 mm or over.  After the surgery the angular panel can be taken out of the base and moved together with the animal to the post-surgery rehabilitation site.


Carrying out laparoscopic and open surgery operations.