Back-lit table for fish examination

Product rating:

Tempered glass top with back- lit central zone, easy cleaning and disinfection;

Can be used as a table- top appilance, and orderd as stand- alone equipment;

Varied light intensity from LED panel.

LED panel power                            18 W

Color temperature:                        4000 K

Uniformity of illumination            5%

Size of illuminated surface            295*495  mm

Overal size                                       600*800*70 mm  

Weight, not over                               7 kg                

Control of fish safety (presence of trematodes, nematodes, etc.)

For detailed meat samples examination, the compressorium method can be used , see STEAK-V microscope.

For examination of pooled samples, the digestion method can be used for fish, see Gastros line of digestors.