Chambers for thin-layer chromatography (TLC)

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Glass chambers (cuvettes) for processing TLC plates are a rectangular glass container where elution (separation of samples) occurs in saturated solvent vapors. The chromatograms are then viewed in a TLC - 254\365 UV irradiator or in an analytical cabinet of the UFC, UFC-HD type.

It is made of thick, chemically resistant glass. The wall thickness is about 10 mm, the large weight ensures stability. It has a lid made of polypropylene, for creating equilibrium saturated vapors of the eluent (solvent).

Outer size, mm 240х230х80
Internal size, mm 215х215х57
The size of the placed TLC plate, mm, no more 200 x 200
Weight, kg, no more 4.3 kg

A camera for TLC . Provides elution of chromatograms on a thin layer of sorbent deposited on plates made of aluminum foil or glass (chromatographic plates with dimensions up to 200 x 200 mm).