Status-2 portable pH - meter

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pH - meter STATUS-2  - developed for measuring acidity (activity of H- ions) in food ingridients, liquids  and water solutions.  It operates in laboratory and in field conditions as well. Measurement range:  0 - 14 pH units, with accuracy 0.03 pH unit. Termal compensation of measurements - manual , by the probe included in the set of delivery. Status-2 is a simple, reliable, portable device, with large indicator; battery- powered.

STATUS-2  can ne optionally equipped with the folllowing combined electrodes:

EK-01 Combined electrode for milk and liquids

EK-02 Combined electrodes for measurement of cheese

Stilet - type pH electrode for direct measurement of pH in meat carcasses

Device is registred in State Register of Russian Federation,

Reg. # 18935-10. 

Measurement range, .pH units : 0 to +14;

Accuracy and repeatability  +0.03;

Termo ompensation - manual, by build in sensor;

Bench top and portable design;

Power supply - autonomic and from wall socket adaptor;

Overal size, mm  200x100x55