Stereo microscope MICTRON 20C

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Stereoscopic microscope with two ways of illumination:  build- in the stage, and reflected light (halogen lamp).

Long  distance between front lens and the object allows to work with vials, Petri dishes and other labvare. Big diameter of oculars, possibility of easy magnification adjustment and combined , variable intensity light makes this model quite popular.

For work with living cells the stage can be equipped with thermally - stabilized platform, having digital control of preset temperature and 0.5 C accuracy.

Magnification range  20х-80х

Halogen lamp power(s) 12 W

Oculars 10х, 20х

Lenses 2х, 4х

The microscope can be additionally equipped with hand supports, for easier manipulations with object under study. For telemedicine and educational purposes, we offer trinoclular version, with camera mount.