Indicator mastit test

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Indicator MASTIT TEST  - is performing simple method of mastitis detection , based on the dependance of complex cunductivity of milk sample and number of somatic cells. This device has water- proof plastic case, autonomic power supply and back-lit digital indicator.

The testing of milk sample does not require any reagents or disposables. It takes not over than 1 min. The user should compare the readings 

that are obtained for all 4 quarters of milking gland , flushing the device with tab water between them. 

The device sensitivity allows to detect Mastitis at earlier stages than with usage of Californian test or Mastidin(R).

Overal size: 200 х 92 х 50 mm

Weight, not over  200 g.

Indicatior of Mastitis - MASTIT TEST  is used at livestock industry and farms for early diagnostics of mastitis.