BALS-27-M2 deep laboratory bath

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Water bath is designed for accurate heating up and keeping samples thermally stable.  Operation range from ambient +5° to 99° C. The bath main feature is uniform temperature distribution inside the bath - due to water circulation.

  • • Inner bath and lid are made of stainless steel.
  • • Microprocessor PID controller of temperature in the whole volume.
  • • Indication of actual and pre- set temperature.
  • High thermal resustance of whole construction due to insulation.
  • • Build - in circulation pump garantee the uniform temperature in all volume.
  • • The bath can be used as external thermostatic chamber for other devices that require stabilized temperature.
  • • Two labware holders , for 100 tubes each, are included in the set of delivery.
  • • The lid is used as a tray for labware holders.

Temperature range = ambient + 5 C to +99 C

Discrepancy of keeping pre- set temperature  (°С), not over, ±0,5

Uniformity  of temperature within the basin (°С), not over ±1,0

Time of heating up the 22 l of water from +15ºС to +40º (min), not over: 20

Timer range (min): 0- 999

Weight  (kg), not over: 15

Inner size of basin, (mm): 300 × 480 × 200

Overal size (mm):  410 × 650 × 330

Heating media : distilled water

Maximum water volume , (l) 27

Power supply voltage (V) 220±10%

Heating power, not less, than (kW)  2.0

Heating and keeping at constant temperature various labware with biological samples  in microbiology, hematology, cytology, serology and other fields of application.