Digital trichinoscope STEAK-D2

Product rating:

Flat basement with build- in LED illumination; heavy duty vertical stand with precize move head (coarse and fine focusing), perfect zooming lens.  Full HD camera and bright, contrast screen based on tablet PC. All this allows very comfortable conditions for laboratory staff.  Software allows to record, process, send, archivate any of the images. Well familiar computer mouse serves as the main User's interface.

Touch - sensitive screen, All- metal construction; safety blocking of minimal adjustment height; variable knobs tension - all these features together make Steak D2 a user's friendly device.

Minimal magnification coefficient , not over:  9

Maximum magnification coefficient, not less: 200

Size of the display screen, mm, not less: 300

Resolution of the screen: 1920 х 1080

Resolution of camera  1920 х 1080

Possibility of digital magnification 

Maximal height of lavware (max. height of transparent object) , mm: 80

Possibility of image contrast\brigtness adjustment

Variable illumination intensity

Power supply 220V 50 Hz

Power consumption , not over  : 50 W

Overal size, mm: 300x400x560

Weight, not over, kg:  10

2 compressorium glass in the set of delivery

The trichinoscope is designed to become an effective everyday instrument for meat inspection by digestion method and compressorium method. 

  • The device can be shipped with any number of additional compressorium(s)
  • Basin for pooled samples ( as described in EU Directive 2075\2005)  can be included in the set of delivery