Meat sampler and mincer ShTrich

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The meat sampler ShTrich is designed to save time and labor cost at taking meat samples for analysis. Shtrich is used for laboratory tests of various meat and slaughter products, including benzidin test; fermol test; digestion test. It is also applied to take samples from carases for trichinella detection  by standard method of magnetic stirer, digestion of samples in artificial gastric juice.

This instrument has a removable working\cutting tip, for easier cleaning and disinfection.

Non - contact charger and build- in battery make work with ShTich quite convenient. 

• Best and fastest way of taking samples from diaphragm envelope;

• Reliable and convenient instrument with simultanious cutting+mincing samples; 

• Up to 6 000 oscillations of double blade knife per min.;

• Taking one gram of meat during 15 - 20 s.;

• Possibility to use standard disposable scalpel blade;

• Water- proof housing;

• Build- in battery;

• Non - contact inductance charger;

• Weight not over 150 g.

Method of choice for taking meat samples from carcases.