Combined glass pH electrode for water solutions

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Glass membrane, high internal resistance, protective cap with KCl solution , and  BNC onnector - all this makes the electrode a versatile tool for Your lab or aquatic industry use.

The element combines two junctions: the main pH sensor based on glass ball membrane , and reference electrode, designed as a "collar" around main sensor. 

Use of Special materials allows the user to perform measurements in high temperature range, up to 80 C.

Specially dopped ion selective Glass ball sensor is protected by durable plastic case.

The usage of sealed , but easy - to - remove cup with 3KNO3 solution prolongates  both the shelf life and the usage period of the EK-04.

Measurements range, pH units:  0 - 14

Accurrcy                0.2 Unit of pH

Temperature range :  0- 80 deg., Celsium

Iso-potential point :   7 +\- 0.5 pH

Time of stable readout, not over: 2 min.

Internal resistance, not less: 250 MOhm

Measurements of hydrogen - ion concentration in liquids, ranging from 0 to 14 pH inits.

The sensor has passed dull measurement scheme tests and was included in the State Registry of Masuring Devices.