Microscope for microelectronics - Cyclope M

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Digital microscopic station with recording function and vacuum forcepts options. Very flat object table bring convenience to examiner. Large front gap between the object and lens allows to make manipulations with instruments (soldering, probes positioning, marking, etc.). The Cyclope has a variety of optional acsessories and cameras (from 5.0 to 16 Mp).

Illumination build in the flat object table, along with upper LED ring illumination give the user very good visability. This also gives the possibility to check metallisation of through-PCB holes.

Possibility to have a measuring software , that allows to compare shape, size, curvature radius of important mechanical parts - see photos.

Radius and position of center measurements.

M6 bolt tip.

Video resolution 1920 х 1080

Minimal magnification coefficient, not over - 25X

Maximum magnification coefficient, not less  -180X

Digital - aid magnification - up to 400 X

LCD Screen size 22 inch

Digital adjustment of illumination intensity 

Wavelength of optional UV illumnation-   365 nm

Power supply  220V/50 (60) Hz

Power consumption, not over  50 W

Overal size 300x400x560 mm

Weight , not over, 10 kg

Quality examination for welded components at PCB. Measurement of angles , X-Y sizes of small manufactured parts.  With UV illumination system the Cyclope-M can detect the recidue of etching compounds remaining over the printed circuit board.