Low level laser in Cosmetology

Low level laser in Cosmetology

Usage of laser in combination with local vacuum leads to superposition of these physical

factors. In combination, they render a cululative effect. 

The basic lines of gentle move along face structures are worked out to get the optimum result.

This picture demonstrates the under-lying dermal structures and the schematic problems locations.

 And the vacuum manipulator with laser dissipation optics works like a re-vitalizing machine here.

We are offering several types and shapes of glass manipulas with reflective layer inside.

The set usually includes a vacuum pump and set of manipulas for face and (bigger ones), for body massage.

The manipulas can be thread- locked over the laser output lens. And the special grease- separating flthe skin prior to the ask is included in the vacuum path, for effective work with creams, and cleaning the skin prior to procedure.

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